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Oral Cancer Exam

Oral Cancer Screening.

Veloscope Vx- along with a visual examination-improves our ability to identify suspicious areas that  may have been missed during the conventional examination.Early detection of abnormalities can minimize or eliminate the harmful and potentially disfiguring effects of serious oral disease such as cancer and possibly save your life.

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How effective is Botox treatment for TMJ problems?
Botox is used as alternative treatment for patients that suffer from TMD and has been shown to improve variety of symptoms . Most of the time the treatment is very effective and can eliminate tension and headaches resulting from bruxism (grinding and clenching).

I need a dentist advice.Can I skip a night of brushing?

It is not ideal skipping your night brushing because you don’t produce enough saliva at night to wash bacteria all away.But it takes a lot more than a night off from brushing to erode your enamel.

Ask Dr. Ferrari

Does the teeth whitening products can harm your teeth?
Answer:The teeth whitening products are available and used in different systems as toothpaste, strips,gel used with trays or gel used with light.The higher concentration ones are require to be used under a professional supervision.When the products are used properly they are safe and harmless.